An award-winning high school English teacher, Syd brings his teaching expertise to the world of storytelling. Syd has performed and taught in schools across America and has served as storyteller-in-residence at numerous colleges. He has been featured on The Art of Storytelling with Children , a national online community of storytellers hosted by Eric Wolf. Syd has also taught in a variety of venues, including:

Smithsonian Institution
Syd taught in their Word of Mouth program for educators. He returned to perform in Storytelling: America's Master Storytellers Come to the Smithsonian.
Kennedy Center
Syd participated in the center's professional development program for teachers.
Disney World
Writers, directors, and imagineers attended Syd's workshops.
Chicago History Museum
Syd co-directs the Golden Apple Foundation's annual summer workshop at the museum, where teachers learn storytelling techniques to teach Mexican history and culture.
  • In addition, Syd runs popular storytelling workshops for lawyers, doctors, hospice workers, and clergy.