Syd's wide repertoire of Jewish tales allows him to create programs for audiences of every age.

Joseph the Tailor
You can always make something out of nothing.
The Noisy House
When is noise not really noise?
Debate in Sign Language
Yankel, who sells chickens, debates a king in sign language.
Solomon and the Bee
A bee saves the wise king.
The Wooden Sword
A poor man teaches a king an important lesson about power.
David and Goliath
Young David slays the giant.
Chelm Medley
In a town of fools, anything can happen…and does.
Challahs in the Ark
A devout man learns the true meaning of religion.
The Driver and the Rabbi
A rabbi tries to teach his driver a lesson with unexpected results.
The Wise Shoemaker of Studena
A simple shoemaker teaches a rich man an importance lesson.