Syd's newest services for individuals and institutions:

NEW:Individual Coaching via Skype
Syd is now offering individual coaching via Skype. Here are some things he can do for you:
• Help you become a better storyteller
• Coach you through the telling of a particular story
• Show you how to use storytelling effectively in a special speech
• Edit a story you've been working on
The cost is $100 an hour. If you meet for three hours, your fourth session will be half price. If you want Syd to look at a text or a video before a session, he'll charge his hourly rate.
NEW: More than Decent Docents
Museum visitors and tour takers love to learn the human stories behind facts and displays. Syd can teach your docents how to find, craft, and tell those stories. Clients include the US Capitol Visitor Center, the Chicago Architectural Foundation, and the Van Andel Museum Center.
NEW: Historically Speaking
If you ever wanted to create a historical narrative or enrich a personal narrative with historical details of time and place, this workshop is for you. You'll learn how to weave history into your personal and family stories, and how to find and develop the stories contained in a moment of history.
NEW: From Thought to Text
Do you have a story you want to write or tell? Perhaps you want to commemorate a family or business anniversary or a moment in history. Commission Syd and his wife Adrienne to write that story. Syd has received commissions from NASA, Historic Philadelphia, and the Smithsonian. Syd and Adrienne co-wrote the award-winning story Abraham & Isaac: Sacrifice at Gettysburg, and recently created 12 stories for docents to tell at the US Capitol Visitor Center.
NEW: Spiffing up Your Speech
Do you have an important speech to give, but worry about what you will say and how to say it? Syd can show you how to use story in your talk to hook your audience and hone your speech so your audience stays hooked.

Some of Syd's most popular workshops include:

Where Do We Come From? Where Are We Going? Who Are We? Using Story in the Business World
Company stories can illuminate the past, define the future, and differentiate one company from another.
Over the River and Through the Woods: Finding Stories in Our Lives
Finding key moments in your life, developing them, and organizing the material into a polished story
It Really Happened: Creating Historical Tales
Researching a historical topic, identifying the central narrative, and shaping the material into a moving tale
Just Start Her Over the Edge and Let Her Slide: A Storytelling Class for Beginners
Techniques to remember a story, conquer stage fright, and tell effectively in any setting
The Art of Storytelling: Master Class
Exercises and critiques to help experienced tellers hone stories and perfect storytelling techniques
Conducting Classroom Composers: Storytelling and the Art of Writing
Storytelling activities for K-12 students that inspire story creation