What people are saying about Syd


“We were thrilled to have Syd as a keynote speaker on the opening day of our conference. He had the several thousand attendees captivated from his opening story through to his closing remarks. Syd has a very engaging style that blends the inspiration of a story and the power of knowing how to place it in very interesting historical contexts. He did that expertly at our conference. Thank you Syd, you were a hit!”
- Dan Martinez, RootsTech Family History Conference Manager, Salt Lake City, UT

“We spend a small fortune on staff development every year. Bringing Syd Lieberman to Paideia was the best money we ever spent. With rare unanimity, the faculty and staff loved him.” -Paul Bianchi, Headmaster of Paideia School. Atlanta, GA

“Syd conducted a workshop on storytelling for 20 of our most senior IT executives. His stories and exercises were engaging and entertaining and his ability to relate his knowledge and experience to a broad range of personal and professional storytelling applications was invaluable. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Syd and would highly recommend him to other organizations looking for guidance for their own storytellers.”
-Matt Manzella, leader, Strategy & Innovation Services Department,
Allstate Insurance Company

“Your participation in the Share Your COPD Story event elevated the program to a new level. I think people really began to understand the importance of sharing their experience, and we couldn’t have done it without you!” —Sarah Pfeiffer, Account Supervisor, Healthcare, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide

“We all thoroughly enjoyed our time together. You helped us learn together, laugh together and get emotionally charged for our sessions to follow. Thanks again for your contribution and role in our success!”
-Darren S. Robbins, Director, Distribution Technology & Services,
Allstate Insurance Company

“We thoroughly enjoyed your workshop. Even though many teachers complained of being tired from a long day with students, they gave their unflagging attention—which is a testimony to your wonderful storytelling skills and personality. As you will be able to discern from the comments, you were a HIT:”
‘The Abraham and Isaac story was incredible. Awesome, Syd.’
‘The story is so moving. Thanks for sharing. Enriching and practical. Can't wait to try it.’
‘Loved his passion and honesty; had wonderful tips. He made it seem so simple.’
-Betsy Homewood, Project Director, Teaching American History Grant, Rockford Public Schools District #205


“Elie Wiesel said that God created man because he loved stories. God created Syd because he loved us.” -Debi Richan, Vice President of Timpanogos Storytelling Festival, Orem, UT

“When he got up to speak, he magically transformed time and space … Lieberman shakes his imaginary pockets and you can see hundreds of gold pieces tumble out.”
-Chicago Tribune

“If on a winter's night a traveler named Syd Lieberman should happen into your village, go and listen to him.”
-Oklahoma Museum of Art

“Your work was simply stunning. More than anyone I know, you personify the delicate balance between the intellect and the heart.”
-Rives Collins, Associate Professor of Theater, Northwestern University

“Syd's stories are full of a kind of humane, validating, and caring humor … He is simply one of the best.”
-Vancouver Music Festival

“Your five original stories have made the history of the Dead Sea Scrolls come alive for the hundreds of thousands of people who experienced this once-in-a-lifetime exhibit.”
-Kay Zuris, Assistant Museum Director, Van Andel Museum Center, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Twelve Wheels on Mars presents the human story behind the launch of the Mars rovers, turning a complicated subject into a gripping narrative. You've demonstrated the power of storytelling to convey the compelling and powerful tales of space science to people across America.”
-Jimmy Neil Smith, President and Founder, International Storytelling Center

“You gained the respect of the archivists and curators as a serious researcher and historian of World War I pilots; (and) mesmerized an audience of 200 teachers and museum professionals with a beautifully crafted and performed story.”
-Clare Cuddy, Director of Educational Programs, National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution

“I seriously doubt that there are many teaching artists in this world who are more qualified than Syd to teach, inspire, and entertain all manner of students and teachers.”
-Nan Murnighan, Director of National Lewis University's Storytelling Conference

“I can think of no higher form of the storytelling art than what you have created.”
-Nan Kammann-Judd, former director of the St Louis Storytelling Festival

Recordings and Books

Abraham and Isaac: Sacrifice at Gettysburg

“Well researched and beautifully presented. The seamless interweaving of personal history drawn from the diary of Isaac Taylor with the sweeping scope of the Civil War and all its horrors makes for a moving account of the events at this seminal moment of American history.”
- George Rogers, Director of Development, President Lincoln's Cottage at the Soldiers' Home

“Thank you for helping me and my children understand better the sacrifices that have been made — and telling the story with grace and dignity.”
- Carol Rice, President of Cherish Bound

Summer of Treason: Philadelphia 1776

“Your story is witty, historical, personal, and inclusive. You zoom from a satellite photo down to the intimacy of homes and lives, and this interweaving brings the time and its people into clear focus.”
- Linda Gartz, Emmy-winning documentary producer

One Righteous Man: The Story of Raoul Wallenberg

“Lieberman has stepped up to make … an example befitting the extraordinary bravery of freedom-loving peoples of our time. Raoul Wallenberg's story is truly a Lieberman masterpiece.”
-Ben Ruiz, Tale Trader Magazine

“By sharing your family history you gave our audience an intimate perspective on this cold, tragic history. Thank you for helping to educate the public about this unprecedented tragedy.”
-Christine Brown, Public Program Coordinator, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, DC

The Johnstown Flood of 1889

“This can serve as a stunning introduction to a number of curriculum areas; as a pure storytelling experience, it is without equal.”

Joseph the Tailor and Other Jewish Stories

“Lieberman mesmerizes listeners with his expert timing, charismatic enthusiasm, and engaging storytelling … a sparkling addition to library collections.”

A Winner and Other Stories

“The humor of the stories is universal and the scenes are vividly created by this master humorist.”

The Old Man and Other Stories

“Syd tells ordinary stories, but ones that do what storytelling does best: let us hear a human voice and see the beauty that's around us.”
-Jay O'Callahan, National Storytelling Journal

The Tell-Tale Heart and Other Terrifying Tales

“The results will please school and library patrons wanting their stories gruesome and gory.”

Intrepid Birdmen: Fighter Pilots of World War One

“The strength of this unusual and poignant recording lies in its use of the pilots' own diaries and letters, revealing both incredible stress and carefree joy.”

“Lieberman never lets us forget that these gallant 'gladiators of the air' died not only as heroes but also as human beings.”
-Parents' Choice

Streets and Alleys: Stories with a Chicago Accent

“Lieberman's stories are pure Chicago--street-smart and funny with a whole lotta heart.”
-Sue Sussman, author of The Dieter